Patrick O'Connor II - Atlantic TNG - Plant Manager

About Patrick O’Connor II

As the Atlantic TNG plant manager, Patrick has oversight over the entire production operation. But while he maintains a global view over the manufacturing process, his approach is personal, based on mentoring and continuous improvement.

“I try to help define and refine the processes to make us better, more efficient and to improve the culture of the company. That’s a big deal to me,” Patrick says. “I try to make us better any way I can. I want the way we produce concrete to be the best that it can be. And I want our staff to be the best that they can be, both professionally and personally, so I try to mentor our team members and create a culture here that’s like a family business, where you can trust everybody here and rely on others to help you.

Patrick joined TNG in 2016 as a shipping manager after working in the glass industry. He advanced to plant manager through continuous education and involvement in the industry. He is an NPCA Master Precaster and has certifications from ACI and various other professional organizations.

“Working at Atlantic TNG is very fulfilling. I like to tell new guys when they get here that our main purpose is providing over 100 jobs to our community, which impacts thousands of lives. And beyond that, the structures that we make move stormwater and wastewater throughout the entire state of Florida. So what we do impacts millions of lives and we should be proud of that.”

– Patrick O’Connor II, Plant Manager