Megan Kitchner - Atlantic TNG - Owner, General Manager

Megan Kitchner

Owner and General Manager

Community. Teamwork. Quality precast concrete.

The Atlantic TNG team is unique in the precast concrete industry. Driven by a culture of grit, tenacity and (a positive) attitude, the group operates closely together as a team. Megan Kitchner, owner and general manager, is a strong advocate for establishing a work environment where her team members are happy, enjoy working with one another and advance their careers through personal growth. Several of TNG’s team members are actively involved in industry education, with some having earned National Precast Concrete Association’s Master Precaster designation. It’s about community. It’s about teamwork. And it’s about crafting quality precast concrete products. That’s the TNG way.

Joe Abraham - Atlantic TNG - Takeoff Manager

Joe Abraham

Takeoff Manager
Kristin Dodd - Atlantic TNG - Scheduling Manager

Kristen Dodd

Scheduling Manager
Lia Ditcher - Atlantic TNG - Accounting Manager

Lia Ditcher

Accounting Manager
Jason Brewster - Atlantic TNG - Safety and Compliance Manager

Jason Brewster

Safety and Compliance Manager
Patrick O'Connor II - Atlantic TNG - Plant Manager

Patrick O’Connor II

Plant Manager
Jeff Small - Atlantic TNG - Assistant Plant Manager

Jeff Small

Production Manager

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