Megan Kitchner - Owner and General Manager

About Megan Kitchner

Hard work, dedication, honesty. Growing up in the precast concrete business, Megan Kitchner learned those values from her father Tris Ditcher and grandfather Jack Ditcher, who launched Atlantic Concrete in 1969. She started full-time at the plant in 1991. Then, when Atlantic Concrete planned to shut down its Florida operation during the Great Recession, Megan acquired the company and reimagined it as Atlantic TNG in 2011.

Employee education and industry leadership are two additional values that Megan brought to Atlantic TNG, and she set the tone as the owner and general manager. She was a member of the first NPCA Leadership Group in 2017, participating in an intensive 12-month course to expand leadership skills. She served two terms as the first woman president of the Precast Concrete Structures Association of Florida in 2017-2018. In 2020, Megan earned her Master Precaster certification from NPCA. She started service on the NPCA Board of Directors in 2021, and she continues to mentor her team and support their personal growth.

Kristen Dodd, TNG’s scheduling manager, started with Atlantic Concrete in 2006. She sums up the attitude of many TNG employees, saying, “I like how it is family oriented here. I like Megan as a boss. She is really good helping you with whatever problems you may have. The industry is ever-changing, and we try to grow with the changes and come up with new ideas. It just gets better with time.”

“We always try to lead with honesty and integrity, and that comes from my family values. We do what we need to do to get the job done. And we try to do it with integrity and respect.”

– Megan Kitchner, Owner and General Manager